As soon as you have completed your Tech/IT training, you are required to provide your Career Development Specialist with copies of all training certificates, credentials, and/or diplomas you received through your TechHire New Mexico sponsored training.

You may receive a $100 incentive payment just for providing TechHire New Mexico with copies of you training certificates!

You must also contact TechHire New Mexico to arrange an appointment to begin your job search and job placement activities. Even if you already have a job lined up, you are still required to contact TechHire New Mexico to provide an update on your employment plans/status, to provide us with your Success Story, and updated Job Profile, and to work with TechHire New Mexico as needed in updating your resume, preparing for job interviews, conducting your job search, and gaining employment.

TechHire New Mexico has excellent relationships with many of the Central Region’s Tech/IT employers. Through these relationships, TechHire New Mexico will alert you to any opportunities for Internships, IT Apprenticeship referrals, or fulltime job placement.

Most TechHire New Mexico participants don’t have previous Tech/IT work experience, so being willing to start in an entry level or Intern Tech/IT job is essential.  For example, call center tech support positions are a great way to build your experience and your resume, even though working in tech support may not be your dream career.

You may receive a $100 incentive payment just for working with TechHire New Mexico to help you find a job!