Market Yourself

There are a number of online resources to help you prepare for your job search, starting with learning how to market yourself so you stand out from the competition.  Try Googling “How do I Market Myself to Employers?”  Some links that you should explore include:

Recently, John Mierzwa, CEO and Cofounder of Albuquerque’s Ingenuity Software Labs, hosted a Prep4Tech seminar that you can watch online:

You should update, or create, a LinkedIn profile to promote yourself to employers and let other LinkedIn members know you are looking for a job.

Use GitHub, a great Tech/IT platform, to promote yourself and your IT projects. Or, view what others are posting on GitHub to get ideas on promoting yourself.

Join one or more of the Tech MeetUps in Albuquerque to network with fellow techies or to take courses.


Join or attend as many Tech/IT networking functions as you can. There will always be people to talk to that share your same interests.  Ask them for their insight on topics you are just starting to explore, such as job searches, new credentials

Register for Job Alerts

By setting up job search profiles, you can customize job searches by keywords in most online job search sites (following are just a few examples)


Contact your Career Development Specialist

It is your responsibility to stay in touch with your Career Development Specialist at least once per month.  TechHire New Mexico routinely learns about new to job and hiring fairs, networking opportunities, employment opportunities, and other resources to assist you with career success.

Once you have gained employment, TechHire New Mexico may be able to work with your employer to provide you with customized On-the-Job-Training, or other customized trainings to help you succeed in your new position, or to help you advance quickly.

Contact your Career Development Specialist: Nick 505.843.1973; Julie 505.843.1949, or Ashley 505.843.1960.

Don’t Stop Learning

The great thing about the Tech/IT industry is the unlimited number of ways you can continue to grow and expand your knowledge, skills, and career success. Consider taking additional courses, free online or classroom, that prepare you for exam based certifications.  Tech/IT Certifications are stackable and demonstrate to employers your willingness and ability to learn new skills to further your career.