TechHire New Mexico utilizes your WorkKeys test scores to help ensure your success in your chosen Tech/IT training.  To accomplish this, we utilize the O*NET crosswalk between your WorkKeys Scores and your desired job title as a guide to make sure you are prepared to pass your Tech/IT coursework and receive your credential/certificate/diploma.

For example, if you are interested in training to become a Web Developer, and you scored a 4 on each of the three WorkKeys tests, your CDS may encourage you to choose a different training to start your path toward becoming a Web Developer. Please click on the link below, type in Web Developer in the Job Title field, Information Technology in the Career Cluster field, and then click the search button. When the search results appear, click on the result for Web Developer. You will see the desired Median, Minimum, and Maximum skill level scores for each of the WorkKeys tests. If your WorkKeys scores are below the Minimum Skill Level, you will want to consider, as a starting point, a training pathway that will allow you to build your skills in any weak areas.

The O*NET search result also provide an overview of the Web Developer position and a description of the work a Web Developer is required to perform.