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I am a small but growing technology employer and am having difficulty finding the right employees to hire. How can TechHire New Mexico help me with hard to fill positions?2018-10-25T21:21:00+00:00

TechHire New Mexico’s overarching goal is to develop a pipeline of tech talent to meet the growing demands of New Mexico’s Central Region Tech/IT employers. Throughout the 4-year grant period, TechHire New Mexico has committed to providing Tech/IT training and job placement for 450 individuals. TechHire New Mexico’s Tech/IT training results in almost 100 individuals per year completing relevant training and receiving industry recognized credentials.

TechHire New Mexico’s participants are in high demand among employers. To facilitate job placements and ensure employer satisfaction, we provide three (3) month Paid Internships, up to six (6) months of paid On-the-Job training, and/or assistance with full-time placements for a variety of Tech/IT positions.  TechHire New Mexico staff works with employers to find the perfect candidates for your hard to fill positions.

I am an employer in need of training for one or more of my IT Department staff. How do I find out if my company is eligible for paid training through TechHire New Mexico for these incumbent workers?2018-10-25T21:19:56+00:00

Any employer interested in receiving paid Tech/IT training for incumbent/existing employees may also be eligible funding. For incumbent workers, there is no age restriction. Simply contact the TechHire New Mexico Program Director at 505.843.1919 to set up an appointment to discuss your training needs.

We will develop a customized training solution that addresses your specific requirements and then determine the allowable amount of grant funding to help cover your training costs. Customized trainings include Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software application training, proprietary software development and/or training, computer hardware/device training, and any other Tech/IT training as determined allowable by the U.S. Department of Labor, and that leads to an employer/industry recognized certificate or credential.

Can I get paid training in Dental Hygiene [etc] instead of Tech/IT training?2018-10-25T21:16:02+00:00

TechHire New Mexico is limited to Tech/IT training only.  There are other programs offered through the New Mexico Workforce Connection that may be able to assist you with paid training for industries other than Tech/IT. Please contact the New Mexico Workforce Connection office nearest to you to speak with a representative about your paid training opportunities.

I have a very difficult time finding employees with customer service and time management skills. Does TechHire New Mexico provide soft skills training?2018-12-11T20:43:19+00:00

Yes. TechHire New Mexico has heard from hundreds employers expressing concerns about the labor pool lacking soft skills. A critical component of the TechHire New Mexico program is the requirement that each participant complete the *Core Score Soft Skills Assessment, and associated *Penn Foster Career Readiness (soft skills) Training. In addition, each TechHire New Mexico participant is required to complete the *Entrepreneurship Course that also includes a soft skills training component.

TechHire New Mexico’s training providers also recognize the soft skills gap and have addressed soft skills training as part of their Tech/IT training curriculum.

There are a variety of ways TechHire New Mexico is able to assist employers in bridging the soft skills gap. For example, we provide many employers with access to the Core Score Soft Skills assessment tool that they use to pre-screen potential employees. We also work with employers to provide Core Score Soft Skills Assessment, Penn Foster Soft Skills, and Entrepreneurship training to all new hires as part of the employer’s on boarding process. The approximate cost of the assessment and associated trainings is $500 per person, and the cost is covered by the TechHire New Mexico grant.

*The Core Score Soft Skills Assessment was developed by Innovate+Educate and is utilized successfully by major employers and programs including Walmart and New Mexico Workforce Connection.  The Core Score Soft Skills Assessment measures the following core competencies:

Critical Thinking            Communication            Customer Service

Adaptability                 Drive for Results           Leadership

For more information about the Innovate+Educate and Core Score Soft Skills Assessment, go to:

https://innovate-educate.org/ and https://corescore.jobs/

*Penn Foster was one of the first pioneers of distance learning. With more than 30,000 graduates each year across the United States, Penn Foster’s online and blended learning programs are self-paced and personalized. Penn Foster Career Readiness (Soft Skills) Training teaches nine (9) valuable soft skills:

Communication                                    Problem Solving/Decision Making

Planning/Time Management                 Professionalism/Adaptability

Problem Solving/Technology Tools        Teamwork

Customer Service                                 Respect


For more information about the Penn Foster Career Readiness (Soft Skills) training, go to:


*Cisco Networking Academy has changed the lives of 9.2 million students in 180 countries by providing education, technical training, and career mentorship. Through the Entrepreneurship course, participants learn to view their job from the perspective of technology venture ownership, empowerment, inspiration and innovative problem solving. They increase their self-confidence and personal ambition, improve leadership skills and financial literacy, and become more customer-focused.

For more information about Cisco Networking Academy, go to:


I just completed my TechHire New Mexico Tech/IT training and now I need help getting a job. What resources are available to assist me with job placement?2018-10-25T21:26:26+00:00

As soon as you have completed your Tech/IT training, you are required to provide your Career Development Specialist with copies of all training certificates, credentials, and/or diplomas you received through your TechHire New Mexico sponsored training.

You may receive a $100 incentive payment just for providing TechHire New Mexico with copies of you training certificates!

You must also contact TechHire New Mexico to arrange an appointment to begin your job search and job placement activities. Even if you already have a job lined up, you are still required to contact TechHire New Mexico to provide an update on your employment plans/status, to provide us with your Success Story, and updated Job Profile, and to work with TechHire New Mexico as needed in updating your resume, preparing for job interviews, conducting your job search, and gaining employment.

TechHire New Mexico has excellent relationships with many of the Central Region’s Tech/IT employers. Through these relationships, TechHire New Mexico will alert you to any opportunities for Internships, IT Apprenticeship referrals, or fulltime job placement.

Most TechHire New Mexico participants don’t have previous Tech/IT work experience, so being willing to start in an entry level or Intern Tech/IT job is essential.  For example, call center tech support positions are a great way to build your experience and your resume, even though working in tech support may not be your dream career.

You may receive a $100 incentive payment just for working with TechHire New Mexico to help you find a job!

What kind of training will TechHire New Mexico provide for my current employees?2018-10-25T21:20:18+00:00

TechHire New Mexico works with employers to customize the Tech/IT training their employees need. For example, Tech/IT employers may need to provide training for their employees so that they become more proficient in their current IT positions, or advance into a higher level position, or to earn credentials needed to retain their current positions.  There is no set training curriculum. Each training is customized to meet the Tech/IT employer’s specific needs.

Are there any tests or assessments I need to take before I can enroll in the TechHire New Mexico program?2018-10-25T21:16:25+00:00

No. Your TechHire New Mexico Career Development Specialist will advise you of all required assessments and tests after you have been enrolled in the TechHire New Mexico program.

I attended a TechHire Orientation several months ago, but no one ever called me about my enrollment. How do I find out if I am enrolled?2018-10-25T21:18:50+00:00

All potential TechHire New Mexico participants must complete an Orientation, a Labor Market Information Workshop, and various eligibility and enrollment forms.  Step-by-step instructions and “next step” details are provided to all individuals who attend the Orientation. The individual is responsible for completing all required steps and contacting the TechHire New Mexico staff to schedule an appointment to turn in their completed forms. Once your paperwork has been reviewed, you will be contacted by one of the TechHire New Mexico Career Development Specialists who will set up an appointment with you for the completion of your eligibility determination and enrollment.

I attended a TechHire New Mexico Orientation and the Labor Market Information (LMI) Workshop. I also gave my completed LMI packet to TechHire New Mexico. Now what do I do?2018-10-25T21:22:44+00:00

Once the TechHire New Mexico Career Development Specialist (CDS) has received your completed LMI packet, they will review your information and, based on that review, will contact you to set up an appointment for you to come in and complete the eligibility determination and enrollment process. It typically takes about 1 week for the CDS to contact you. If you have not heard from your CDS one week after submitting your LMI packet, please call him/her to arrange an appointment.

Career Development Specialists: Nick 505.843.1973; Julie 505.843.1949, and Ashley 505.843.1960.

I am interested in receiving paid Tech/IT training, but I am over age 29. How can I get Tech/IT training and job placement assistance?2018-11-13T22:32:46+00:00

There are other federally funded programs available through the New Mexico Workforce Connection that offer paid Tech/IT and other career training that you may be eligible for, depending on your personal situation.  These programs include:

  • The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program;
  • New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR);
  • Veterans Services;
  • Wagner-Peyser, and others.

If you live in New Mexico’s Central Region, you should contact the New Mexico Workforce Connection office nearest you for information on WIOA, DVR, and other programs for which you may be eligible.  New Mexico Workforce Connection offices in New Mexico’s Central Region are as follows:

  • Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Office: 501 Mountain Road NE, 87102 (505.843.1900)
  • Los Lunas/Valencia County Office: 428 Los Lentes Road SE, 87031 (505.212.9124)
  • Moriarty/Torrance County Office: 777 Old US Route 66, 87035 (505.832.6774)
  • Bernalillo/Sandoval County Office: 301 Rail Runner Avenue, 87004 (505.771.2160)

If you live outside the New Mexico Central Region, you should contact the New Mexico Workforce Connection office in your area. Please note: the TechHire New Mexico grant program is only available to residents of New Mexico’s Central Region, which includes Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia County.

901 Alaska Ave
Alamogordo, NM 88310
Phone: 575-437-9210
704 W Main St
Artesia, NM 88210
Phone: 575-748-1303
323 S. Halagueno
Carlsbad, NM 88220
Phone: 575-887-1174
111 N. Main St
Clovis, NM 88101-4610
Phone: 575-762-4571
322 E. Oak St
Deming, NM 88030
Phone: 575-546-0192
319 Paseo de Onate St
Española, NM 87532
Phone: 505-753-2285
600 W. Arrington St
Farmington, NM 87401
Phone: 505-327-6126
2918 East Highway 66
Gallup, NM 87301
Phone: 505-863-8181
204 W. Park St
Hobbs, NM 88240
Phone: 575-393-5188
Las Cruces
226 S. Alameda Blvd
Las Cruces, NM 88005
Phone: 575-524-6250
Las Vegas
833 Grand Ave
Las Vegas, NM 87701
Phone: 505-425-6451
2110 S. Main St
Roswell, NM 88203
Phone: 575-624-6040
709 Mechem Dr
Ruidoso, NM 88345
Phone: 575-258-1730
Santa Fe
301 W. De Vargas St
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-827-7434
Silver City
410 W. Broadway St
Silver City, NM 88061
Phone: 575-538-3737
109 Faulkner Rd
Socorro, NM 87801
Phone: 575-835-0067
1036 Salazar Rd
Taos, NM 87571
Phone: 575-758-4219


For individuals seeking training and/or job placement, staff assist with job search, job referrals and placement, and customized skill development like specialized career training, interviewing skills, and resume writing.

The friendly staff in each center also assist employers with posting their job openings on www.jobs.state.nm.us, special recruitment, analyzing hard to fill jobs, layoffs, job fairs, and skills assessments for hiring.

I have just been determined eligible for the TechHire New Mexico program, but I don’t know what Tech/IT training to take. How do I decide what Tech/IT training and career pathway is best for me?2018-11-13T22:27:49+00:00

From developing next-gen video games and apps to defending networks from cyber-attack, there has never been a better time to get training for and a job in the Tech/IT industry.  There are an unlimited variety of training and career options to choose from, so it’s understandable why choosing one path is difficult.

Your TechHire New Mexico Career Development Specialist can help get you get started, but the bottom line is you need to do your own research. You are the only one that really knows what you like, or more importantly, what you don’t like.

The good news is that if you start with courses that teach you foundational tech skills, like coding/programming, HTML, and Java Script, to mention a few, you may develop foundational skills that will be transferrable to other Tech/IT trainings or jobs. At a minimum, taking free beginning or introductory IT courses will expose you to different Tech/IT topics that will help define your likes and dislikes.

Get your feet wet by taking some free online courses at Code Academy or other free sites.  For example, taking a free online Java Script course might give you a much better understanding of web applications.

Get online and start Googling!  Google things like “How do I know what Tech/IT training is best for me?” or “What are the Top Tech/It Careers”.

Here are a few links that may help you kick start your online research:




These are just a few of the many online sites that may help you determine your dream Tech/IT training and career path.

How do I enroll in the TechHire New Mexico Program?2018-10-25T21:17:47+00:00

Before individuals can be enrolled in the TechHire New Mexico program, they must attend a TechHire New Mexico Orientation, and a Labor Market Information (LMI) Workshop. Details on the LMI Workshop will be provided during the Orientation. Once the individual has completed all Orientation and LMI forms, they must contact one of the TechHire New Mexico Career Development Specialists to make an appointment to drop off their completed paperwork.

Career Development Specialist: Nick 505.843.1973; Julie 505.843.1949, and Ashley 505.843.1960.

The TechHire New Mexico Career Development Specialist will assess the paperwork and advise the individual if anything else is needed.  Eligibility determination and enrollment cannot be made until the individual has completed and turned in all required paperwork.

The TechHire New Mexico Career Development Specialist will review all completed paperwork and will contact the individual directly to set up an appointment for final eligibility determination and program enrollment.

TechHire New Mexico Job Search Process2018-12-11T20:54:02+00:00
Why do I have to take the three (3) WorkKeys tests (Applied Mathematics, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents)?2018-10-25T21:23:28+00:00

TechHire New Mexico utilizes your WorkKeys test scores to help ensure your success in your chosen Tech/IT training.  To accomplish this, we utilize the O*NET crosswalk between your WorkKeys Scores and your desired job title as a guide to make sure you are prepared to pass your Tech/IT coursework and receive your credential/certificate/diploma.

For example, if you are interested in training to become a Web Developer, and you scored a 4 on each of the three WorkKeys tests, your CDS may encourage you to choose a different training to start your path toward becoming a Web Developer. Please click on the link below, type in Web Developer in the Job Title field, Information Technology in the Career Cluster field, and then click the search button. When the search results appear, click on the result for Web Developer. You will see the desired Median, Minimum, and Maximum skill level scores for each of the WorkKeys tests. If your WorkKeys scores are below the Minimum Skill Level, you will want to consider, as a starting point, a training pathway that will allow you to build your skills in any weak areas.


The O*NET search result also provide an overview of the Web Developer position and a description of the work a Web Developer is required to perform.

I have been enrolled in the TechHire New Mexico program, but I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do.2018-10-25T21:25:57+00:00

If you have any questions, please contact your Career Development Specialist: Nick 505.843.1973; Julie 505.843.1949, or Ashley 505.843.1960.

The following is an overview of the steps you are expected to complete as a TechHire New Mexico Participant:

WorkKeys Assessments

The WorkKeys assessments should be completed as soon as possible as the scores are used to determine the best training for the IT profession you’ve selected. The WorkKeys assessments are proctored exams that can be taken at the New Mexico Workforce Connection Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.  The WorkKeys assessments you are required to take are: Applied Math; Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents.

**Practice exams can be taken prior to taking WorkKeys via Career Ready 101.  This option is highly recommended for everyone but especially for those who have been out of school for 1+ years.  Should you be interested in these practice exams, please let your Career Development Specialist know so they can assign and create a login for you.

Core Score (Soft Skills Assessment)

Please access the following link to register for the Soft Skills – Core Score Assessment:


On the home page, click “Get Started” and when completing the initial registration, be sure to choose “TechHire” from the employer drop-down menu.  Please make sure that you select Albuquerque, NM as your location so that the TechHire option will appear. After you complete the basic assessment, the system will automatically prompt you to an IT related assessment.

If you do not score at least a 714 on the basic assessment, the system will not prompt you to take the IT assessment.  You will need to contact your Career Development Specialist to discuss Soft Skills Training.

Once you have completed the basic and IT Core Score (Soft Skills) Assessment, you may be prompted to click on links to take the Penn Foster online Soft Skills Training.  The Penn Foster online training is required for any scores below 714, and may take you up to 36 hours depending on the extent of recommended online training.

It is highly recommended that you complete your Penn Foster Soft Skills Training as quickly as possible. Once you have completed each module of the online training, you will see a screen that says you have successfully completed that segment of the training. Please do a “Screen Shot” of each screen that states you have successfully completed the Penn Foster training, save them in separate Word documents and email them as an attachment to your Career Development Specialist. TechHire New Mexico needs these Screen Shots as part of your participant file.

If you score at least a 714 and have completed both the basic and IT assessments, please email your Career Development Specialist so they know to include your results in your file and give you credit for completion of each one.

Entrepreneurship Course

You have also been placed in the Entrepreneurship Course (the 15-hour self-paced course discussed in the orientation).   An email from “noreply@netacad.com” will be sent to the email address you provided.  Its title is “Get Started with Cisco Networking Academy.” If you did not receive this email please check your junk/spam folder and if it is not there please contact your Career Development Specialist.

Personal Profile

All TechHire participants are required to complete the personal profile as soon as they enter the TechHire New Mexico program. You will also need to update your profile when you have completed your training (if applicable). TechHire New Mexico will distribute the participant profiles to our IT employer partners and coordinate interviews on your behalf.

Participants are asked to use the following template to create their profiles. An example of a completed profile is also provided to assist participants in completing this task.

Please send your completed template to your Career Development Specialist within your first week of enrollment in the TechHire program. When filling out the information please fill it out as if you have completed training.

[Desired Job Title Here – First and Last Name]

  • [Provide the education and training you have completed that supports your desired job title here]
  • [Provide any certifications or credentials you have earned that support your desired job title here]
  • [Provide a brief description of your previous experience that supports your desired job title here]
  • [Provide a brief description of your soft skills and any other distinguishing skills]


Network Engineer/Security IT Associate – Marilyn Smith

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications and Electronics (05/2016) and over 5 years of experience in Network Support and IT Security.
  • Certifications: CompTIA Security+ (07/2018); CompTIA Network+ (06/2018); CCNA Data Center (04/2017).
  • Expertise in designing, installing, configuring, administering, securing Ethernet and wireless networks, and electrical design (Cisco, Schneider, Huawei).
  • Perform well under pressure and possess excellent customer service, teamwork, and leadership skills.
  • Languages: Spanish and English.

Check In

As a TechHire New Mexico participant, it is your responsibility to check in with your Career Development Specialist at least once each month and provide status updates on your assessments, Soft Skills, Entrepreneurship, and/or Tech/IT training.

If you do not contact your Career Development Specialist at least once per month, you may be exited from the program and no longer eligible for grant funded services.

If you are having difficulty with your Tech/IT training, you must notify your Career Development Specialist as soon as you recognize there is a problem. TechHire New Mexico has resources to assist you. Our goal is for you to succeed!

You must provide your Career Development Specialist with any and all certificates you have received as soon as you have completed any and all trainings provided through TechHire New Mexico.  You need to provide copies of all of your training certificates.

Your TechHire New Mexico program compliance may result in you receiving a $100 incentive payment!

It’s very difficult to understand all the state and federal programs for employers, and the benefits of employer participation. What employer services does the TechHire New Mexico program have to offer?2018-10-25T21:22:14+00:00

The TechHire New Mexico grant was awarded to the Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico in July 2016. As a Workforce Connection partner, TechHire New Mexico staff work closely with many state and federally funded programs including Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Adult and Youth Program, Wagner-Peyser, New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), SL Start (HSD), Job Corps, Mission Graduate, Graduate ABQ, Veterans Services, and many others.

TechHire New Mexico staff meet one-on-one with each employer to help determine the employer needs and, through collaboration with partner resources, determine the best solution for the employer.  The best solution usually means co-enrollment with one or more programs in order to provide all the resources an employer needs.  The TechHire New Mexico representative serves as a central point of contact for employers and facilitates employer services including, but not limited to, coordinating employer job fairs, hiring events, and workshops; posting employer positions; providing labor market information; providing pre-employee and employee screenings, assessments, and WorkKeys testing; customizing on-the-job-training programs for one or more employees; facilitating paid internships; and, referring program participants for job interviews.

TechHire New Mexico staff strive to reduce the amount of time an employer spends trying to identify and connect the various resources for themselves.

I already have Tech/IT training (or degree) but I can’t find a job. Can you help me with job placement?2018-10-25T21:18:30+00:00

Yes. TechHire New Mexico grant funds are available to help eligible participants with job placement.  We have an excellent network of Tech/IT employers and may be able to assist with placing you in a paid Internship, an IT Apprenticeship, or full time employment.

You will need to complete the Orientation and LMI Workshop and go through the same steps as listed above for program eligibility determination and enrollment.

What resources are available to help me get a job?2018-10-25T21:36:09+00:00

Market Yourself

There are a number of online resources to help you prepare for your job search, starting with learning how to market yourself so you stand out from the competition.  Try Googling “How do I Market Myself to Employers?”  Some links that you should explore include:



Recently, John Mierzwa, CEO and Cofounder of Albuquerque’s Ingenuity Software Labs, hosted a Prep4Tech seminar that you can watch online:


You should update, or create, a LinkedIn profile to promote yourself to employers and let other LinkedIn members know you are looking for a job.

Use GitHub, a great Tech/IT platform, to promote yourself and your IT projects. Or, view what others are posting on GitHub to get ideas on promoting yourself.

Join one or more of the Tech MeetUps in Albuquerque to network with fellow techies or to take courses.


Join or attend as many Tech/IT networking functions as you can. There will always be people to talk to that share your same interests.  Ask them for their insight on topics you are just starting to explore, such as job searches, new credentials

Register for Job Alerts

By setting up job search profiles, you can customize job searches by keywords in most online job search sites (following are just a few examples)





Contact your Career Development Specialist

It is your responsibility to stay in touch with your Career Development Specialist at least once per month.  TechHire New Mexico routinely learns about new to job and hiring fairs, networking opportunities, employment opportunities, and other resources to assist you with career success.

Once you have gained employment, TechHire New Mexico may be able to work with your employer to provide you with customized On-the-Job-Training, or other customized trainings to help you succeed in your new position, or to help you advance quickly.

Contact your Career Development Specialist: Nick 505.843.1973; Julie 505.843.1949, or Ashley 505.843.1960.

Don’t Stop Learning

The great thing about the Tech/IT industry is the unlimited number of ways you can continue to grow and expand your knowledge, skills, and career success. Consider taking additional courses, free online or classroom, that prepare you for exam based certifications.  Tech/IT Certifications are stackable and demonstrate to employers your willingness and ability to learn new skills to further your career.

What is TechHire New Mexico?2018-10-25T21:09:30+00:00

TechHire New Mexico is a U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration grant, awarded to the Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico in July 2016.  The grant funding is available through June 2020 for eligible individuals and employers located in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia, or Torrance County (Central New Mexico Region).


The purpose of the grant is to build a career pipeline in Information Technology (IT) for youth and young adults (ages 17-29) who have barriers to training and employment.  The grant funds must be used to:

  • Pay tuition for eligible participants to take accelerated Tech/IT trainings that provide the fastest paths to good jobs in IT.
  • Work with participants to help them complete Tech/IT training and enter employment.
What kind of Tech/IT training can I get from the TechHire New Mexico program?2018-10-25T21:18:07+00:00

TechHire New Mexico works with Central New Mexico’s premier training providers, and is authorized through the grant to pay for any approved Tech/IT training that results in an industry recognized certificate or credential.

There are hundreds of different Tech/IT training opportunities available through New Mexico’s Central Region education providers including: CNM Ingenuity (Boot Camps); CNM Associate Degree programs; UNM Continuing Education; UNM Valencia Campus; New Horizons Computer Learning Center; and hundreds of online providers. All Tech/IT training must result in a certificate or credential that demonstrates the student gained knowledge, skills and competency as a result of completing the training.

I am planning to attend CNM and pursue an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems. Why do I have to apply for Pell Grant funding if I am enrolled in TechHire New Mexico?2018-10-25T21:23:58+00:00

As a U.S. Department of Labor Grant Funded Program, TechHire New Mexico participants are mandated to demonstrate they are not eligible for financial aid (Federal Pell Grant), or demonstrate that the provider does not accept financial aid (Federal Pell Grant), or financial aid (Federal Pell Grant) does not cover all the costs of the training program.

All TechHire New Mexico participants interested in attending CNM for an Associate Degree are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and provide TechHire New Mexico with their proof of Financial Aid Status.  A document will be needed to show that a participant is not eligible for financial aid (Federal Pell Grant), or the approved provider does not accept financial aid (Federal Pell Grant), or financial aid (Federal Pell Grant) does not cover all the costs of the training program. TechHire New Mexico provides funding AFTER Pell Grants and BEFORE Student Loans (if applicable).

How do I find out if I am eligible for paid Tech/IT training?2018-11-27T22:34:25+00:00

Any individual between the ages of 17 and 29, who has a high school diploma or equivalent, and who is interested in paid Tech/IT training and/or job placement assistance in a Tech/IT position may be eligible for the program.

The first step toward eligibility determination and enrollment is to attend a TechHire New Mexico Orientation.  Orientations are held every Monday (except holidays) from 9a to 10a at the New Mexico Workforce Connection office at 501 Mountain Road NE (Mountain and Broadway) Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102. The Orientation will explain in detail the required steps for eligibility determination and enrollment.

If you live in Torrance, Sandoval, or Valencia County, and/or if for any reason you are unable to attend one of the Monday Orientations at our Mountain Road location in Albuquerque, call and schedule an appointment with one of the TechHire New Mexico Career Development Specialists for a one-on-one meeting at the office nearest your location.

Career Development Specialists: Nick 505.843.1973; Julie 505.843.1949, and Ashley 505.843.1960.

How much will TechHire New Mexico pay me to train my employees?2018-10-25T21:20:37+00:00

TechHire New Mexico works with employers to customize the specific incumbent worker training needed for current employees to increase their knowledge, skills, production, and advancement potential. Incumbent worker training also increases employee retention and business growth. The amount that TechHire New Mexico reimburses employers for each training depends on the training needed, the number of individuals trained, duration of training, and other factors. Typically, the TechHire New Mexico grant will reimburse the employer up to 50% of the total cost of each training.

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