Software Engineer

As one of the first participants in the TechHire New Mexico program in early 2017, Shihlin was able to pursue a difficult career change from working as an Energy Efficiency Analyst to a Software Engineer. TechHire provided financial assistance which allowed her to attend the CNM Ingenuity Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp. After 10 strenuous and stressful weeks of non-stop coding and learning, she accomplished a high-risk goal that would not have been possible without the TechHire program. Shihlin now works as a Software Engineer at an exciting company that combines both her passions in sustainability and technology.


Web Developer

Before TechHire New Mexico, James was working the graveyard shift at a local hotel. After his father’s recent passing, James decided that it was the right time to take charge of his future and he reached out to TechHire New Mexico. James stated “I attended the orientation, took a few assessments, and thanks to TechHire New Mexico was able to enroll in the CNMI Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp. The bootcamp was definitely no easy task, but in 10 weeks I learned everything I needed to develop full stack web applications. For over two months I was coding day and night, sometimes even dreaming about code, and when I got to the end I was truly impressed with how much I was able to learn. This whole experience has been so life changing and has given me so much confidence. The skills I have learned with TechHire’s support has laid a solid foundation for my career and has completely changed the course of my life.”


Tech Support

“Prior to attending Deep Dive Coding’s Java/Android/Salesforce Bootcamp, and with the help of TechHire New Mexico, I was working as a supervisor at a local credit union. Although I enjoyed my time in the financial services industry, I felt that I was reaching a point where continued professional growth was no longer viable, especially without a degree. I had signed up for classes at CNM but was not sure which path I wanted to take. One day, while surfing the web, I stumbled across Deep Dive Coding’s website and for the first time in a long time I felt excited about pursuing a career. TechHire NM made it possible for me to attend the course and now I am working at a local nonprofit organization helping carry out its mission by providing solutions to their technological needs. I am truly excited about my new career and encourage others to take the leap!”


Applications Developer

After years of working as a welder’s helper, often in remote locations more than 400 miles away from his fiancé and young daughter, Jacques was determined to find a better way to support his family. Jacques met with CNM Ingenuity and made the decision to leave his welding job to pursue the Java+Android+Salesforce bootcamp training. In December 2017, through a triple co-enrollment with TechHire New Mexico, CNM Ingenuity, and WIOA Youth, Jacques was able to enroll in the paid bootcamp training, which he completed in April 2018. Jacques’ bootcamp project, titled “Pro Dev Me”, is an app that assists job seekers in marketing themselves during their job searches in ways that help them stand out to potential employers. Through this application, users are able to easily identify the key words, knowledge and skills employers are looking for in applicant resumes for different positions. The app caught the attention of the NM Department of Workforce Solutions’ (DWS) CIO who expressed an interest in contracting with Jacques and his team to get Pro Dev Me implemented in the DWS database for professional development. Contract negotiations are underway. In addition, TechHire New Mexico referred Jacques to the New Mexico Information Technology Apprenticeship Program (NMITAP), where he was immediately enrolled and placed in a paid apprenticeship with CNM as an Applications Developer. Through the apprenticeship, Jacques will earn certifications in Salesforce and Blockchain. His supervisor at CNM recently said, “We're going to try to make you one of the most sought after people to employ in the country."


IT Support Technician

“As a participant in TechHire New Mexico, I have had the opportunity to take CompTIA classes. This has allowed me to start my career in my dream field! There would have been almost no way I could have gone through the classes myself, and been able to be employed within the IT field. By being able to get my certifications, I have opened so many doors with many different career fields, that all contain engaging and rewarding work. I am so grateful for the opportunity that TechHire has given me to start my journey in my dream job!”


Software Engineer

When Tucker enrolled in the TechHire New Mexico program in February 2017, he and his wife were living in a Walmart parking lot in an RV with no running water, no internet, no car, and very little money for food. With no college degree, a background of intermittent work in hardware IT, and relying on his guitar to bring in food money, Tucker dreamed of attending the CNM Ingenuity coding bootcamp and making a better life for his growing family. TechHire New Mexico and CNM Ingenuity co-enrolled Tucker, covered the cost of his coding bootcamp training, and provided financial assistance to help with living expenses. After completing his bootcamp training, Tucker was offered a position as a Software Engineer leading his employer’s multi-site encryption project, and is making over $75,000 a year. After Tucker started his new career he stated, “In a broken system, TechHire is making a huge difference.”

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